Jazz the Alchemist
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  2. Ceramic Hare
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  8. Sagger fired porcelain necklace
  9. Ceramic Jewellery

Jazz the Alchemist

I work in a wide range of media and a mix of styles from very traditional and figurative to the more abstract but always with a strong influence from the natural world
  1. Ceramic Jewellery
    Ceramic Jewellery
    Pieces inspired by Birling Gap, East sussex
  2. Sagger-fired porcelain necklace
    Sagger-fired porcelain necklace
    Smoke fired delicate porcelain pieces
  3. Detail Sagger-fired porcelain
    Detail Sagger-fired porcelain
    Using seaweed, driftwood and shells to smoke fire
  4. Porcelain necklace with glass
    Porcelain necklace with glass
    Coloured using metal oxides
  5. Detail of glass and porcelain
    Detail of glass and porcelain
    Combination of glass and ceramics
  6. Porcelain with mixed media
    Porcelain with mixed media
    Delicate porcelain combined with mixed materials.
  7. Porcelain with glass
    Porcelain with glass
    The first time I used glass and I was hooked
  8. Evolution
    Porcelain bowl with ceramic and porcelain combined and small glass bowl.
  9. Ceramic Hare
    Ceramic Hare
    Life sized Hare, modeled in clay and coloured with oxides
  10. Life
    Green glass spheres with patented copper foil binding
  11. Awe and Wonder in Creation-Detail
    Awe and Wonder in Creation-Detail
    Large glass sphere with cast glass balls and plastic tube to create a water fountain.
  12. Glass hare
    Glass hare
    Cast glass hare mounted on iridescent glass and framed
  13. Blue hare
    Blue hare
    Cast glass hare mounted on recycled metal and hand-made paper and framed
  14. Daisy Hare
    Daisy Hare
    Cast pewter mounted on transfer printed glass with pressed flower and wood from the beach
  15. Copper Hare
    Copper Hare
    Handmade etched brooch with semi precious set stone.
  16. Pink Hare
    Pink Hare
    Cast glass mounted on transfer printed glass and handmade paper
  17. Glass postcard
    Glass postcard
    Entry for CGS 'Wish you were here' competition 2015
  18. Master Glass Sellers
    Master Glass Sellers
    My entry for the Masters Commission for The Worshipful Company of Master Glass Sellers 2015. This was chosen as one of the six finalist
  19. Awe and Wonder in Creation
    Awe and Wonder in Creation
    Glass spheres and cast glass pieces used to create a water fountain
  20. Jazz-the-Alchemist
    Iridescent glass semi-spheres